Speaking Topics

I offer "Guest Speaker" talks on inspirational and motivational topics, and Seminars and Workshops on technical business issues. Here are some topic samples:



The story of Joseph, - Biblical strategies for managing your business.

Joseph was a God-inspired genius. Our focus in this presentation is not just on his humility and faith, but on his managing of the Egyptian economy at a time of impending financial crisis.

Joseph demonstrated the application of business and financial strategies that we are only now 

discovering in modern times to be effective. There is so much that we can learn from this man of destiny, about business management and creating a legacy.


This is definitely one of my favorite topics and it the foundation of my book "Business Success Based on Biblical Principles."



As wise as serpents - Overcoming challenges and fighting off wolves

Jesus told His disciples that He was sending them out into the world as "sheep among wolves" and advised that they be "as wise as 

serpents and as harmless as doves." This instruction and advice hold true for us today as Christian entrepreneurs.


We are called to represent the Gospel in the often dark and devious world of business, and to be sure, there are those who would come after us, either for their own personal gain, or simply because of Whom we represent.


In this presentation I explain exactly how to be "as wise as serpents" and how to succeed in the face of unfair competition, and/or direct opposition

God's Strategic Plan :
This traces the origin of  all strategy to the fall of man and the contest between two supernatural beings, The Almighty God and the all evil Satan, for the souls of men. There are significant lessons for us to learn about the strategic intent of God and His unmerited favor to us.


This talk is not just for Christian entrepreneurs, but for anyone who wants to understand the great lengths God took to redeem us and make us His own.

Here are some of my business topics:

- 5 Things you must know to run a successful business (half day workshop)

- The tax benefits of LLC, vs S Corp, vs C Corp, which to choose and why

- Connecting your business model to your  business vision and plan

- Basic financial management  for small business owners

Here is a sample from one of my talks