Ministry videos

Our Ministry videos focus on 2 main topics:​

  • Key business strategies, and  financial management tools made simple 

  • Biblical inspiration and encouragement to help Believers represent God's Kingdom in the world of business

Here are some of our completed and contemplated presentations:

1) Keys to building a successful Kingdom Business (completed)     2) 5 Questions every business owner must answer (completed)

3) Business negotiation based on Biblical Principles                         4) Choice of legal entity (LLC, S Corp, C Corp) made simple

5) Managing a business in crisis (how to turn things around)          6) Role clarity and conflict resolution

Please note:

  1. Our videos and website have been prepared for ministry and information purposes only. They are not intended to provide, nor relied upon for tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult a professional for specific issues. 

  2. Due to space limitations, we can only provide a few of our videos on this site. Other videos are available on our Youtube Channel. 


As wise as serpents:
How to compete among wolves.

Free Seminars:

We offer free seminars at churches and other groups that provide a free venue. We do not charge admission fees unless we are hosting a seminar at a venue that charges a rental. In addition to business/ministry topics, we also cover personal financial planning based on Biblical principles, which includes budgeting, saving, debt reduction and risk management, all with a strong financial and scriptural  basis.


Please contact Robert to schedule a seminar at your church or for your group.