I'm really, really excited to announce the launch of my new podcast, Kingdom Business Builders.

This is my platform for sharing information and insights to help you build a successful, sustainable Kingdom business.

I will also be answering your questions, as well as interviewing other Kingdom Entrepreneurs, sharing their testimonies, learning from their experiences. 

Here is a preview of up-coming Podcast Topics :

Laying the Foundation:

  • Episode 1    The Purpose of the Kingdom 

  • Episode 2    Anatomy of a Kingdom Business

  • Episode 3    Answering the Call 

  • Episode 4    Kingdom Principles

  • Episode 5:   Business Insights 1: (From Start-up to sustainability)

  • Episode 6    Business Insights 2 (Governance and Strategy for established businesses)

  • Podcast 7    Questions and Answers. 


Development topics (Building on the Foundation)

These will focus on Specialty Topics, under one of these headings – Kingdom Purpose, Biblical Principles and Sustainable Profits

and will include interviews, Q&A as well as guest presenters.

I hope you would check out the first few episodes to see if they are helpful. I welcome questions comments and feedback on my content so please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to interacting with you as we work together to build the Kingdom!