Hi, I'm Robert Fullerton, Founder of Kingdom Business Builders.      Welcome to our site.

Kingdom Business Builders is my non-profit ministry, focused on advancing God's Kingdom in the world of business.

I believe that God is actively building an unseen Kingdom here on earth. Jesus referenced this frequently during His ministry, and His final instruction to all His disciples including us is to Go into all the world and represent the gospel. 

We are Kingdom Ambassadors to the world of business and my passion is to see Christian entrepreneurs respond to this call. To do so, they need to be both financially successful and Kingdom focused, and my plan is to provide a curated blend of Biblical Inspiration and Business Insights to help them get there.


The tools that God has placed at my disposal are my new Podcast and my Speaking Ministry, and  I encourage you to ​search for me on your favorite Podcast Directory (Apple Play, Spotify, Google Play etc) and check out my Speakers Page to learn more about my engaging Biblical and Business topics.

God bless you and don't forget to check out my new podcast!!!

Here is a link to Episode 3 on how Biblical Integrity helps your business succeed.
I think you will find this interesting.